(Formerly Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)
Government of Puducherry Institution - Affiliated to Pondicherry University
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The Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension of this Institute is involved in various extension activities, farm advisory services and organising training to the farmes.

Village Adoption 

The Institute has selected villages Uruvaiyar, Melthirukhanzi, Keezh Agraharam, Nettapakkam, Karasur, Karikalambakkam, Kumbakkam, Andiyarpalayam (Uruvaiyar), Thoothipattu, Andiyarpalayam (Thavalakuppam) and Sanyasikuppam for organising various extension activities as part of imparting training to the students.  The activities include laying fodder demonstration plots, organizing de-worming and vaccination campaigns, exhibitions, field days in these villages by the students and staff of this College for the benefits of the livestock owners.  A total of 9.5 acres of land has been brought under the cultivation of Hybrid Napier in 13 villages benefiting 20 livestock owners.

Field trial on Vanaraja Birds

The Project Directorate on Poultry at Hyderabad evolved a backyard poultry breed, VANARAJA that can be maintained at a low cost. Sixty Vanaraja birds obtained from the Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad were distributed to eight beneficiaries in Uruvaiyar village to study their performance under field conditions. These birds on an average are yielding about 60 to 70 eggs per bird per year.  These eggs are fetching higher price than the unfertile eggs available in the market.  

Farm Advisory service 

The Institute is operating a farm advisory service to answer various queries received from the livestock owners on different aspects of livestock management in Pondicherry.  In addition it will offer advice to entrepreneurs who wish to take up livestock rearing as an occupation in the villages of Pondicherry.

Conducts students’ practical classes in near by villages and caters to the information needs of livestock owners.

Organises deworming,vaccination & infertility campaigns and milk yield competitions in villages.

Organises 2 day/3 day tailor made On-campus trainings for the dairy farmers, goat keepers and backyard poultry farmers.

State of the Art Exhibition Hall which depicts facility of the Institute & Extension Activities.

Trainings Organised to Farmers

Year Project Number of Farmers Trained
2001-04 Cattle Rearing 1275
2004-08 Cattle & Poultry Rearing 1948
2009-11 Cattle Rearing 581
2013-14 Goat Rearing 825
2015-16 Poultry Rearing 975
2016-17 Skill development training for dairy farmers ( Department of AH & AW, Puducherry ) 28
2017-18 Skill development training for dairy farmers ( Labour department Puducherry ) 25
  Skill development training for dairy farmers ( PONLAIT, Puducherry ) 33
  Skill development training for dairy farmers ( FSPF, NABARD, Chennai ) 179
TOTAL   5869