(Formerly Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)
Government of Puducherry Institution - Affiliated to Pondicherry University
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Dr. D. Sreekumar, M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Professor & Head

Thiru. M. Purushothaman, M.Sc.,(Agri)
Associate Professor
Dr. S. Venugopal, M.V.Sc., Ph.D
Associate Professor

The Livestock Farm Complex located in the college is established in an area of about 10 acres for housing different species of livestock and for fodder production. It consists of a cattle barn, calving box cum calf pens, sheep and goat pens, pig sty, kennel and small animal facility for housing laboratory animals and an amphitheatre for conducting practical on handling of various animal species. In addition three poultry sheds including one high rise cage layer house are also constructed for instructional purpose.

The biogas plant and solar water heaters are commissioned in the Farm Complex with the help of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA).

Aviary-cum-fish pond which has four different varieties of fresh water commercial fishes along with ducks and geese.

Fodder is being cultivated in an area of about 4 acres

Further, Slides on cattle breeds, Goat breeds, Fodder grass, Colour photographs on cattle breeds, buffalo breeds, Video cassettes, Charts / Display boards, Models of various cattle / buffalo breeds are available.

The Farm is serving not only the students and staff of this College but also being used for training of livestock owners. Livestock owners are also being brought regularly from villages to expose them to Scientific Management. Schools also send students to visit the Livestock Farm. This farm is open to all who wish to acquire knowledge and skill in rearing Livestock on scientific lines.

Species of animals in the farm complex


Cattle Jersey Crossbred
Buffalo Graded Murrah
Goats Malabari
Pigs Large White Yorkshire
Rabbits Soviet Chinchilla
Dogs Labrador Retriever

The Department is also maintaining an Aviary cum Fish pond which has fishes of four varieties (Rohu, Catla, Mrigal and Grass Carp).


Poultry Farm

Three Poultry sheds of different designs each housing 1000-1500 birds have been established. The following birds are available in the Poultry farm.


1 Layers- RIR
2 Japanese Quails
3 Guinea Fowls
4 Turkeys
5 Bantams
6 White Cornish
7 Red Cornish
8 New Hampshire
9 Kadaknath
10 Silky
11 Australorp
12 Nicobari Fowl

The College is also selling Pups, Turkeys & Guinea Fowls in addition to Turkey eggs and Japanese Quail eggs.

Fodder Production Unit

Fodder is being cultivated in an area of about 4 acres in the Farm Complex.Hybrid Napier is cultivated and the fodder made available to the Livestock Farm. Efforts are being made to motivate the farmers to grow Hybrid Napier to economize the cost of milk production.



Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
LFP 211 Livestock Farm Practice (Non-credit) 0+1
LFP 221
Livestock Farm Practice (Non-credit)


Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
LPM 111 General Livestock Management 1+1
LPM 112 Fodder Production and Grassland Management 1+1
LPM 121 Animal Housing and Sanitation 1+1
LPM 311 Swine/Camel/Equine/Yak Production and Management 1+1
LPM 312 Wild and Zoo Animal Health Care and Management / Fish Production 1+1
LPM 313 Laboratory Animal /Rabbit/Fur Animal Care and Management / Pet Animal Care 1+1
LPM 321 Sheep and Goat Production and Management 1+1
LPM 411 Cattle and Buffalo Production and Management 1+1