Infrastructure Facilities

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Overview of the Instructional  Farm Complex

The Instructional Farm Complex located in the college is established in an area of about 10 acres  for housing different species of livestock and for fodder production.  It consists of a cattle barn, calving box cum calf pens, sheep and goat pens, pig sty, kennel  and small animal facility for housing laboratory animals and an amphitheatre for conducting practical on handling of various animal species. In addition three poultry sheds including one high rise cage layer house are also constructed for instructional purpose.

The biogas plant and solar water heaters are commissioned in the Farm Complex with the help of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA).

The Farm is serving not only the students and staff of this College but also being used for training of livestock owners. Livestock owners are also being brought regularly from villages to expose them to Scientific Management. Schools also send students to visit the Livestock Farm. This farm is open to all  who wish to acquire knowledge and skill in rearing Livestock on scientific lines.

Species of animals in the farm complex



Cattle   Jersey Crossbred
Buffalo   Graded Murrah
Goats  Malabari
Pigs   Large White Yorkshire
Rabbits  Soviet Chinchilla
Dogs   Labrador Retriever

The Department is also maintaining an Aviary cum Fish pond which has fishes of four varieties (Rohu, Catla, Mrigal and Grass Carp). 

Poultry Farm


Three Poultry sheds of different designs each housing 1000-1500 birds have been established. The following birds are available in the Poultry farm. 


Layers- RIR
Japanese Quails
Guinea Fowls
White Cornish
Red Cornish
New Hampshire
Nicobari Fowl

The College is also selling Pups, Turkeys & Guinea Fowls in addition to Turkey eggs and Japanese Quail eggs.

Emu Farm

One EMU bird is present in the Farm.


Fodder Production Unit

Fodder is being cultivated in an area of about 4 acres in the Farm Complex.Hybrid Napier is cultivated and the fodder made available to the Livestock Farm. Efforts are being made to motivate the farmers to grow Hybrid Napier to economize the cost of milk production. 






Thiru. V.Srinivasan, M.Com., M.L.I.S., M.Phil.,

Assistant Librarian


The college has established a fully air-conditioned library in the first floor of Block I. Currently the library has 4868 books and subscribes to 20 National and 22 International journals.  The library has equipped with three personal computers with internet facility. VET CDs and BEAST CDs are available for use by staff and students. Photocopying facilities are extended to  staff and students on nominal payment basis.


Computer Center

        A centralized computer facility is available in the administrative building of the College for the use of students and faculty.  In addition, each department is provided with a personal computer. All computers for Internet access are sharing a high-speed broadband Internet connection through NME-ICT Project of MHRD.  Statistical software for data analysis, GIS are also available. Additional computer training is given to the students and Staff as per the requirement. e-learning facility through CDs developed for the different courses by TANUVAS under the NAIP Project is provided to the students.   An amount of Rs.7 lakhs is sanctioned for networking under FIST Programme of DST 2011 under the head, networking and computational facilities.  Hence campus wide OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) network with SDC (Structured Data Cabling) work interconnecting all the building in the Zone A campus was carried out through BSNL.  At present the Department in Zone A campus of the Institute are able to utilize the high speed internet connectivity from BSNL which is provided under the NME-ICT project of MHRD.  The Web site of the College ( was designed, developed and maintained by the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding. 

The Computer Section caters to the training of B.V.Sc. & A.H. students and also to the computing requirements of the faculty, administration and engineering cell of the college. The college website has been developed and maintained by the computer section of the college.  Necessary software for the various Departments  are also developed here.


Physical Education

Dr. Mohamed Assim, B.Sc., M.PEd, M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Physical Education

Facilities for different sports are available at Campus-B of the college which include an Indoor Shuttle Badminton Court, Volley Ball Court with flood light, a Basket Ball Court with flood light, Table Tennis, Hand Ball. The college is developing 400mts Standard Track, a Cricket Pitch is laid. The college is having a Multi-Gym with 8 Station and different Individual Fitness Equipments.

The College is following the Annual Interclass Games and Sports Meet, Annual Athletic Meet. Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences actively participate in the Inter-college Programme conducted by Pondicherry University. The College has won many prizes in the Inter-College participation. Every year around 4 to 5 students use to represent Pondicherry University for the All-India Interuniversity Tournament/ South Zone University Tournament in various sports and games. The college is also actively participating in local Tournaments conducted by Various Sport Clubs and Institutions. In 2011-12, our college Football team was the Runners-up in the Inter-College Tournament conducted by Manakula Vinayagar Institution, Pondicherry. For the year 2011-12, in the Inter-College Shuttle Badminton (Men) Tournament we were the Runners-up.