• National Seminar on Teaching, Research and Extension Gaps in Livestock Development

 28 Aug 2015

  • National Seminar on Clinical Proteomics for Veterinary and Allied Sciences

 18-19  July 2014

  • Workshop on Assessment - Reflection of Livestock Production and Livestock Delivery Systems in Puducherry

 05 July 2014

  • Current Status of Canine Parvo Virus Infection In India for Veterinary Professionals

 23 Jan 2013

  • Building Collaboration for Betterment of Livestock sector.

18 Sept 2012

  • Regional Workshop on Effective Delivery of Livestock Services under FIP

 4-5 Nov  2011

  • Approaches to Organize Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Courses 

8-9 July  2011

  • Reclaiming Research in Livestock Development through Policy Interventions

26-27 Apr  2011

  • International Symposium on Newer Concepts in Surgical Techniques for Farm and Companion Animal Practice

 8-10 Dec 2010

  • 25th Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists and National Symposium on Veterinary Anatomy as a  Vital Partner in the Improvement of Health and Production of Livestock and Birds

 27-29 Oct 2010

  • Field Experience Training for ARS Scientist Probationers.

19 Jan-8Feb 2010

  • Training Tools for knowledge Dissemination among Women Self Help Group

20-21 Nov  2009

  • Knowledge Kit Exhibition under DelPHE project

23-24 Oct  2009

  • CALPHI National Workshop on Sustainable Improvements in the  Quality of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension.

18-20 Dec 2008

  • Knowledge Kit Exhibition at National Institute of Rural Development .

28-29 Aug 2008

  • Improving Livelihood Security of Women Self Help Groups involved in Livestock Rearing through Capacity building in Gender Awareness.

 14-17 July 2008

  • National Seminar on Knowledge Dissemination on Livestock Rearing to Women Self Group

  5 June 2008

  • CALPI workshop on Training of Trainers(TOT) by Swiss School of Agriculture.

 2-7 June 2008

  • Training Workshop on Teaching Methodologies, Skills and Research Extension Linkages

 1-5 Apr 2008

  • Workshop on Enhancing Livelihoods of Livestock Dependent Poor People through increasing use of Fodder

  • Stake holders Meeting on Fodder Innovation project.

15 Feb 2008

  • Diagnosis Workshop on Fodder Innovation Project

 9-10 Jan 2008

  • DelPHE Orientation Workshop on "Livestock and Poverty Alleviation among Women Self Help Groups"

 14-15 Nov 2007

  • DelPHE Orientation Workshop on "Designing Methodology for Field Survey"

 8-9 Aug 2007

  • Conference on "Women Self Help Groups and Livestock Rearing: Preliminary Performance Appraisal"

 7-8 Feb 2007

  • XVII National Congress of Veterinary Parasitology and National Symposium on "Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities in Veterinary Parasitology"

 15-17 Nov.2006

  • National Workshop on "Building Partnerships among Veterinary Colleges - To address Emerging Challenges" Jointly Organised with CALPI

 20-21 Jul 2006

  • National Workshop on Production and Maintenance of Quality Semen for Improved Breeding in Cattle and Buffaloes

 5-7 Oct 2005

  • Workshop on Sustainable Livestock Development - Appropriate Dissemination Methods for effective transfer of Technology, organised jointly with the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Govt. of India

 31 Jan - 02 


  • Workshop on Dissemination of Animal Health Knowledge

 11-12 Mar 2004

  • First Convention of Indian Meat Science Association and National Symposium on Impact of Globalisation on Indian Meat Industry

 11-12 Dec 2003

  • Dairy Farmers - Scientist Interactive Workshop on Animal Nutrition Issues - Organised Jointly with Nutrition Society of India (South Zone)

 8-9 Oct 2003

  • DFID Workshop on Cattle Health Issues in the Peri-Urban Regions : Potentials of Information in Coping with Poverty

 20-21 Mar 2003

  • Symposium on Recent Trends in Veterinary Biologicals and IX annual convention of Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology

 12-14 Dec.2002

  • Workshop on Diseases Affecting Cattle in the Peri-urban Regions of Pondicherry

 17 Oct 2002

  • Landless Women and Dairying - Policy Document Release

 30 Jul 2002

  • Seminar on Rearing of Dairy Cattle by Landless Rural Women - Potentials to Cope with Poverty

 1-2 Mar 2002

  • Help Avenues for the Women's Groups involving Animal Husbandry Department, Insurance Company, District Rural Development Agency, Pondicherry Co-operative Milk Producers' Cooperative Milk Union (PONLAIT) and NABARD

 19 Dec 2001

  • National Workshop on Landless Livestock Farming - Problems and Prospects

 29 Jan 2001


  • Workshop on Statistical Data Analysis using SPSS Software

  20 Feb 2013

  • Computer Training for LDC's, UDC's and Store Keepers of RAGACOVAS on Windows Operating System, MS-Word and MS-Excel.

  3-20 March 2012